When marketing look for the win-win

We often have new life coaches ask about marketing strategies for growing their life coaching practice.

We dive into strategies in the Coach Mindset – Elite Life Coach Training and Certification.  In fact, we call our process “A Promotional Blueprint.”life coach training

But let me offer a strategy that life coaches can use… immediately.


Sure… Stephen Covey suggested the “Win-Win” approach in his 7 Habits for Highly Successful People.  And this rule applies to branding and marketing too!

Here’s how it might apply to you and your life coaching practice.

As you get clear on your AVATAR (your coaching practice’s ideal client), you can start to think about other organizations that might also have a similar AVATAR.

For example, for my own coaching practice… my AVATAR is someone who wants and needs to dream big again.  They are successful, fun people but they are dissatisfied.  They want to achieve more in their life.  They want to get clear on that next big dream and they need help doing that.  Plus, they need help putting a plan in place to go after that dream once it’s clarified.

That gives you a picture of some of the aspects of my own life coaching practice’s AVATAR.

Now, when I started to think about organizations in my area that have a similar AVATAR, I thought of one of our local radio stations.  They are “Positive 107.1.”  They are a family-friendly station with an uplifting message and great music for the region.  They have the 3rd highest rated morning show in the area too.

And… in many ways… their listening audience has many of the same traits as my ideal client.


So… we met. We talked about their goals.  We talked about my goals.

As it turned out, through a little divine providence… the morning show team was looking for a way to bring something fresh to their weekly format.  They liked my message.  I really liked their station.  So we looked for the win-win.

They didn’t have money to pay me to come in each week.  BUT they were also willing to think “win-win.”  They did have a large listening audience.  They were also willing to give me the recordings from each show.  And not only that, but they were willing to produce CD’s of these recordings when I wanted to.

What I brought to the mix was a positive message from a new perspective.  I promised to bring new and original content each Friday.  I promised to not sell from the mic.  And… I agreed to make my schedule work (although they were also willing to be super flexible!).


Here’s a sample of our segment:

Life Coach Mitch Matthews

Mitch rockin' it on 107.1!

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Last year, when I launched my book IGNITE – A little book to spark your big dreams, the station helped to promote it.  In fact, we did a number of segments around the book launch!

Plus, I’ve been able to strategize with them and help in other capacities along the way.  It’s been fun and a true success for both of us.


We recently had a graduate of The Coach Mindset work with a local high-end spa in her area to create an event.

This particular life coach’s AVATAR was a successful woman who needed balance in her life.  So she worked with the spa to create a win-win.  They created a half-day event that women could come and be treated at the spa and this life coach made a presentation as well as worked with many of the women one-on-one.

It sparked a number of new coaching clients for her… and for the spa.

Where might you find the win-win?

Step 1: Think through your AVATAR (your ideal client).

Step 2: Think through other organizations that might have a similar AVATAR.

Step 3: Explore the win-win

Join in the conversation.  Share some ideas on who you might partner with to find the win-win.  We’d love to hear from you so click comments and let us know.

Keep dreaming BIG and helping others to do the same,
Mitch Matthews


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