Training to be a life coach: Life Coaching, Branding Strategy and BIG Dreams

We’re all about helping life coaches to apply solid branding and marketing strategies to their life coaching practices.

Plus… since many of you have big dreams of growing a successful life coaching practice or you dream of taking your life coaching practice to the next level… we always want to provide ideas and inspiration to help you achieve that too!

So today… we combine branding and big dreaming in a podcast with John Morgan!

John Morgan is known as the Chuck Norris of Branding.

Mitch Matthews interviews John Morgan - BIG Dream Gathering Podcast -

John Morgan

Now, he’s also a best-selling author.

He’s worked with the big dogs like… Disney… Starbucks… Seth Godin and Gary V.

Recently, I was able to conduct one of our BIG Dream Gathering podcasts with him.  John and I talked about how we can apply branding strategies to walking out our BIG dreams.


Click here to listen:

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Now… after listening to the interview, I know you’re also going to want to find out more about his book…

Brand Against the Machine.

Brand Against the Machine by John Morgan

Click here to find out more about John's book

So… you can dig in by clicking here or by checking it out on Amazon.  And trust me, this book is packed with great ideas for aspiring or established life coaches!

Plus… just as John mentions in the interview… if you grab a copy of the book… you can let John know at his website (by clicking here) and his team will send you some free goodies to help you even more!

We hope this interview gives you some inspiration… and some tools to help you think about your life coaching practice and your life coaching clients.  Plus, we hope it helps to inspire you to think about some of your own big dreams… and keep going after them!

Because… as you already know… we’re all about equiping you with ideas to help you to take your life coaching and your life coaching practice to the next level.  Plus, we’re all about inspiring you to dream bigger… and helping you to get those BIG DREAMS DONE!

So dig in… have a listen… and then feel free to share this with a friend who might need it or enjoy it!


Keep dreaming big and helping others to do the same!

Mitch Matthews

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