The Coach Mindset – Elite Life Coach Training and Certification

The Coach Mindset - Elite Life Coach Training and Certification


  1. Manny Mirabal says:

    The Power Of 3

    Hi Mitch, first let me say that I appreciate you offering folks such as myself an opportunity to express our dreams. Your simple baby step approach makes taking action a reality rather than just a dream, there’s is power in writting and communicating our dreams. For that I thank You!!!

    1. Took a leap of Faith and left a family retail business of 30 years to pursue what I believe is my purpose and calling in life. You see with so many years of experience running a retail store from sales, financial forecasting, orders, inventory turnover, vendors relations and so forth; I have found that understanding, analyzing and communicating with people is and has been easy. People naturally turn to me for advice and counsel and tend to place me in a position of leadership or authority.

    2. So I decided to pursue carrier as a life coach. My Life experience(s) are broad – 22 years marriage, divorced, 4 children, the pain of my ex-wife unfaithfulness, family business, family conflicts (successes and failures), business understanding, family business conflicts and difficulties, real estate, nutrition, Public speaking and teaching, I am an accomplished cyclist and cycling endurance coach, the loss of love ones (from age, illness, and even including by murder), my parents own personal conflicts (including my dad being unfaithful) and the list goes on. I find that listening has always come natural to me, and I have been able pull from these experiences, plus my thirst to read and understand from countless books (I read 10 books a month) spiritual, arts, personal development, history, and many other topics where I discover nuggets of truth. People tell me all the time how I inspire them, how good they feel and how I encourage them and most important they naturally take my advice as having weight and authority. Most of all I really enjoy watching folks become empowered and have a new zest for life and see the weight of their issues or concerns just melt away just by having someone to talk to. The feeling, the satisfaction is beyond words!

    3. As I define my dream(s), the next natural step in my dreams becoming a reality is to associate with folks such as yourself and learn & do…

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