Questions about life coach certification

From time to time, we like to post questions that we get from people.  Sometimes these questions are about the life coaching industry.  Some times the questions are about our “Coach Mindset – Elite Life Coach Training and Certification Program.”

And sometimes, like today, they are a mix of both.questions about life coach certification

Today’s question came in recently…

“I really like the sounds of your life coach training and certification.  I’ve been enjoying the free resources and it’s really solidified that I want to become a life coach.  Yeah, I’m thinking I want to get started soon.  But I have some questions.  1 – Is your program certified by any of the larger coaching organizations?  2 – Is that important?  Thanks!

And here’s my response… and I’ll admit that it might offend some.

But here we go anyway…

First of all, thanks so much for your interest and your kind words.  I’m so glad to hear that you resonated with our 5 Critical Questions mini-course and the other free videos.  Sometimes those resources convince people that coaching isn’t for them.  So I’m excited for you that they helped to solidify that you want to become a life coach!

That’s coach certification

As for your question about being certified through a larger coaching organization, we are not. I want to be very up front about that. But I can also tell you this is a conscious choice.

We have a video coming that’s going to speak to this… but for now, I’ll just hit you with my thoughts about all of this.

Get ready… I get kind of fired up about all of this!  So hang on.

Okay, as you probably know, there is no central certifying agency in the coaching world.

I have to say that I celebrate that.  Why?

Well, at this point, there are a few larger coaching organizations who would like that role… but they all bring certain biases (and expenses) to that front.

Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of good coach training programs out there. And I have to tell you that, in general, the concept of having a set of standards that everyone adheres to is probably a good idea.

The problem that I’ve seen emerge is that many of these coach certification organizations begin to load their members down with surplus theory and concepts.  As a result, we’ve connected with coach after coach who’s gone through some of these larger programs and they are overwhelmed and burdened down.

For example, I met with someone recently who had gone through one of these larger programs.

She had spent $8,000 on her training (plus travel expenses) and she was going to need to spend another $4,000 on her life coach certification process. I asked her about some of the things she was learning and she had some good theory, but when I started to ask her about what she would do in specific scenarios, her mind was spinning. It was like she had too many options to pick from. So the theory was good, but it was wildly cumbersome in practice.

But I’ve got to tell you that the thing that really burned me was when we turned to the conversation about her life coaching business.

I asked her, “Okay, so on the day that you graduate from your coach certification program, what do you do? Who do you begin to reach out to? Who is your ideal client?”

She had no idea how to respond. She was stumped.

I continued, “How do you start to reach out? What’s some of your messaging? What makes you unique as a life coach? How are you going to spread the word about what you do?”

Again… she it me with a blank stare.

She admitted that they hadn’t discussed any of these concepts. She, like many coaches, had no idea how to start her business, let alone turn it into a sustainable and successful life coaching practice.

I’ve got to tell you I was steamed! I was mad for her.

And that’s one of the difficulties that I have with some of these larger coach certification programs. They tend to overload students with coaching theory and they never get to the business of coaching.

That’s where we have chosen to be different.

In our program, I’ve made it a personal goal to:

  1. Peel back coaching theory and principles to get you the core of what you really need as a coach. I believe in teaching proven question-based concepts that will allow you to be flexible and effective… no matter who your client is.
  2. We couple that with proven business concepts that will enable you to launch a successful and sustainable coaching practice. We help you with everything from defining your ideal client… to getting you the things you need so you can be up and coaching quickly (ie. everything from revolutionary branding strategies… to easy-to-use templates for contracts, brochures, proposals, coaching tools and free resources, etc.).
  3. At the core of it, I want to help launch dreams. (I’m betting you do too.) And I want to empower and equip great coaches to get out there and help people.
  4. I want them to be able to do that quickly… and effectively. And I want them to be able to be wildly successful financially too!

That’s our goal.

And since I’ve been coaching since 2002, I’ve never had an actual client or potential client ask me about being certified by a larger organization. They only want to know if I can coach them.

That’s it. They want to know you can help them figure things out… and help them to make the changes they need to make. Period.

And we definitely help you to do that.

Lastly, I will tell you that we recently had a graduate of our program continue on and join a larger organization to pursue an additional certification through that organization.

It has been interesting, because she has reached out to me a number of times to let me know that she is so grateful for the Coach Mindset. Because she has continued to come back to our training to get clear and focused again. She has let us know that there have been numerous times when she has been overloaded with concepts and confused by esoteric theory.

What’s funny and maybe the ultimate irony is that a number of people that have been in that certification program with her and practiced with her… have noticed how comfortable and confident she is. They have even started to ask her about the strategies that she’s using. So, then she lets them know about our training and has recommended that they take our training in addition to… or instead of the other program they are participating in.

So that’s kind of funny but I’ve also taken it as a true compliment.

Okay, so that may give you more than you had asked for, but that’s why we present The Coach Mindset – Elite Life Coach Training and Certification in the way that we do.

We want to get great coaches out there… coaching.  We want them out there helping people… and making considerable income as they do it.

That’s our goal… plain and simple.

And I’m wildly excited to say… that’s what we’re getting to do every day.

If that resonates with you… we’d love to have you in our program!

We’d love to help you take your ability to coach to the next level.  Not only that… we’re all about equipping you with the marketing and promotional tools you need to launch a successful coaching business.

Lastly, we believe in our training… so much so that we offer a no-risk 30-day-money-back guarantee.  Seriously… if you get in there and it’s not what we said… or you just don’t resonate with the training… you can ask for you money back… no questions asked. 

I don’t know if anyone else who’s doing that, but this is a big decision and we want you to be able to check it out and be wildly confident in the choice you’ve made!

Okay… keep dreaming BIG… and helping others to do the same!

Mitch Matthews

Okay… so that was my response.

If you’re asking some of the same questions about coaching organizations and coaching certifications, I hope this helps.

If you have questions on this front… let us know by clicking comments.  Or by sending us an e-mail at  We’d love to hear from you!

Keep of the good work!  We’ve got a lot of people to help… and we want to equip you to do it!

Mitch Matthews

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  1. Hi Mitch,

    Now that you talk about it, it reminds me having been through these five questions. It’s so far now that I have completed the training that I had forgotten about. I do remember the excitement of answering these questions. It was common sense. And that is one thing I need to agree to an approach. I entered the training because this made sense to me.

    And I found the principles and values I feel comfortable with. So thank you for being different. This is valuable today where everyone wants to be like every one else and get approved by anyone else. I also agree to being loved by twenty percent and hated by another twenty percent. Only fade and vague theories get unanimity. I never did and can live with it.

    So just thank you for your input and warmth. I am not saying this to be certified. I am already so I feel free to compliment.


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