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Mitch Matthews on the Work Talk Show!

Mitch Matthews on the Work Talk Show 

Coach Mindset – Co-founder, Mitch Matthews was recently featured on the Work Talk Show.

The Work Talk Show was started by email marketing consultant, writer and blogger DJ Waldow and Chief Brand Strategist at Brand Driven Digital Nick Westergaard. 

Nick and DJ have interviewed Sales guru and author Jeffery Gitomer, best-selling author Daniel Pink and branding guru John Morgan. 

In this interview… they dive into the power of dreaming first and thinking second, how perfectionism can sneak up on you and… THOR.  (Yeah… they work Thor into the conversation at least 3 times!)

Click here to enjoy the show.


Biggest challenges. Newest Technology. Favorite Breakthroughs!

I was recently interviewed by Social Media Guru Josh Ochs, alongside my friend Adam Carroll.  (Adam is an incredibly successful speaker who travels to campuses across the country teaching on financial literacy.)

Josh wanted to interview us about our businesses and he asked us three big questions.  The questions ranged from some of the big challenges we’ve been facing, to new technology we’re using all the way to strategies to increase productivity. 

There were a few glitches with the tech… as we did the interview but the content of the conversation was fantastic!


One of Josh’s big questions was focused on new applications that we’re using.  How about you?  What’s something you’re using in your business that’s helping you?  Or… what have you heard about that you’re wanting to try?  Click comments and let us know!  We’d love to hear from you.

Keep dreaming big and helping others to do the same,




How should a life coach decide on their rates?

Questions and Answers from Life Coaches:Question and answers - life coach certification

Hi Mitch –

I’m a new life coach and I’m really excited about helping people go after their big dreams.  My coach training didn’t include a lot about the business side of coaching, so thanks for allowing us to ask you questions.  It really helps.

My question is about pricing.  What tends to be best when you’re thinking about how to price your coaching?  Is it best to compare myself to other coaches in my area?  Or should I look at other factors to set my rates?  It almost seems like a silly question as I write it… but I’m just not clear and it feels like this is really holding me back.




Answer from Mitch:


Patricia –

Thanks so much for the question.  And nope.  It’s not silly at all.

This is a BIG questions a lot of coaches have (new and old)!  So don’t feel bad about asking it!

As you can imagine… we could talk for days about life coach pricing strategies.  But I’ll try to keep this relatively short.

First of all… I’ll throw it out that pricing is TOTALLY up to you and your AVATAR (your ideal client).

In fact, I highly suggest that new coaches experiment with different pricing based on their AVATAR.

For example, one graduate of our life coach training program decided that his ideal client was going to be high-level sales people.  That was his background and that’s who he was passionate about.  He knew that he would need to charge $6,000 or more for his coaching packages in order for his clients to take him seriously.  He even said, “If I charge any less… they won’t think I’m a professional.”  That’s where he started and he’s gone up from there.

But in another case… a coach decided she wanted to coach new moms on navigating life with a baby.  She acknowledged that many new moms have a tight budget as they are bringing their baby home… so her coaching packages started around $1,000.

So I’d say… start with your AVATAR.

Plus, I would also highly suggest basing it more on your AVATAR than your area.

For example, I just heard back from one of of our grads who is based in a smaller community in the mid-west. She doesn’t have a lot of coaches in her area.  And the ones that are there… aren’t charging the rates that she wants to charge.  However, someone heard about what she was doing and connected her with a friend who lives in Seattle. After they had their complimentary session (and figured out they were a great fit), this new coach quoted her coaching packages (which were much higher than many of the coaches in her area).  When she did… her new client didn’t bat an eye because those types of rates were much more common in the Seattle area.

So… if you’re planning to work with people over the phone (so you’re not limited by just working with someone in your local area)… you can charge more based on your AVATAR profile. (So… if your AVATAR is a single mom… you might not be able to charge a higher fee… but if your AVATAR is a high level exec… you need to charge a higher fee so they take you seriously.)

But again… experiment with it.

I know when I started… my rates were lower.

But as I’ve gotten more experience and my network has grown… my fees are much higher. But that has come with time and much experimenting! :)

I hope that helps!


PS – If you’d like to check out another post on things to think about as you’re putting your actual coaching packages together, you can click here.