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Myth 12

As you know… we’re going after myths that exist around the process of getting your life coach certification.

Today’s myth might surprise you.

Bookstand with large textbook

Bookstand with large textbook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s MYTH 12: You can be told how to coach.

Weird… right?

You might be thinking… “How could this be a myth?  Isn’t a Life Coach Certification simply a life coach training with an exam at the end?”

Well… in some ways that’s true.

But the key difference is… you can’t simply be told how to coach.

You have to own it. 

You have to take the ideas within a life coach training program… and make them your own.

Sure… you can learn life coaching strategies and techniques.  There’s no doubt.  However… unless you take the next step and “own” them… those theories and concepts just become useless baggage.

Let me give you an example.  I recently met with a woman who was going through a different life coach certification program.  It had been intense for her.  Multiple live sessions.  Time away.  Loads of theory and coaching history.  Lots of strategy and processes.  In fact, it was obvious that this particular program put a high value on “information.”

Now, information can be good.  But too much… can frankly get in the way.

Case in point… when we started to talk about prospective life coaching clients for her… I started to ask her about how she wanted to help people.  She threw out some general ideas and I said, “Great.  I like that.  Now, let’s say one of these people agreed to a complimentary session with you.  What would be the first two to three questions you’d want to ask them?”

Dead stare.

She had nothing.  Her brain was spinning.  She was processing all of that information.  She was sorting through all that training.  But she was stuck.  She was stumbling to come up with her lead questions.

She hadn’t owned it.

All of that training was still data someone had presented.  But she hadn’t found a way to make it her own.  She hadn’t found the way she wanted to use it.

I will even say that she had practiced.  But she had practiced in role play scenarios… tightly linked to the information as it was being presented.  So when I started throwing out real-world scenarios… that weren’t linked to made up role plays… she was stuck.

Now… I will tell you that I got frustrated for her.  (Not at her… for her.)

I said… “They didn’t help you beat your own “Intellectual Immune System.”

She looked at me with a puzzled face and said, “My Intellectual… what?”

I then explained my theory about how our intellect has a similar immune system to our body’s.  Not… medically… but metaphorically.  Basically, the idea is that intellect tends to reject things that come from outside us (even good ideas) over time… just like our body rejects much needed organ transplants… because they come from outside us.

Here’s a video from a TEDx event where I spoke in depth on the concept of the Intellectual Immune System:

So… again… here’s the key to overcoming this myth.

You can’t be “told” how to coach.  Yes… you can be given useful information and strategies.  (We do that in our training.)  Yes… you can be given proven tools and processes.  (We do that too.)

But… you can’t stop there.  You can’t stop at information.  You have to go a step further and ask yourself questions like…

  • How am I going to own this concept?
  • How could I adapt this strategy to fit my AVATAR (my ideal life coaching client)?
  • Where could I employ this strategy to help my AVATAR to achieve what they want to achieve?

Keep asking yourself those questions.  Keep digging deeper.  Keep owning it.

And as you do… you will start to beat your own Intellectual Immune System and the “information” will become your own.  The techniques will become second nature.  They will simply start to flow from you.  Because… they are yours.

So beat this myth.  Don’t just be “told” what to do.  Own the solutions and beat your Intellectual Immune System!

As you do… you will set your own Life Coaching Clients to achieve the things they want to achieve!

Keep dreaming big and helping others to do the same,

Mitch Matthews

PS – Interested in finding out with the number 1 life coach certification myth is?  Click here to find out!  I think you may be surprised!



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Seahawks, life coaches and behind the scenes stories

russellwilsonDid you watch the Big Game on Sunday?  If you’re like me… two questions ran through your head:



  • Which was the best ad?  

  • How did Russell Wilson (the QB for the Seattle Seahawks) perform like a 10-year veteran even though he only has 2 years experience in the NFL?    

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m NOT a huge football fan, but as a life coach and a trainer of life coaches… I’m always captivated when I see excellence in action

When I see it I want to learn from it.  I want to dig into it.  I want to find out more.  I want to get “behind the scenes” and find out how it happens.

One of my favorite “behind the scenes” stories to emerge from this Super Bowl was the quite story of Wilson’s journey to the Super Bowl… LAST YEAR.

“Wait, what?”  You might be saying.  “He didn’t make it to the Super Bowl last year!”

True.  He didn’t.

But after loosing to the Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs last year… QB Wilson made special arrangements to attend last year’s Super Bowl.  He even figured out how to be on the field as the teams warmed up.  He walked the halls.  He saw the press. He heard the fans.  

He wanted to see what the Super Bowl experience was like… before he was in it.  He wanted to take it all in. 

He wanted to prepare.  So he got on the “field.”

And based on his performance this year, I’d say that extra level of preparation paid off.  Because he’d been intentional about his preparation he was able to walk into this Super Bowl having a better understanding of what to expect.  It wasn’t his first time to experience it.  So he was more ready.  He was more confident.  And as a result, he brought excellence!  Yup… I love that.

Here’s my question to you:  How could we get YOU “on the field?”

Think about it. 

What’s one of your big goals or dreams?  

Now ask yourself, “How could you get out “on the field” to prepare? 

  • How could you go and see what it’s going to be like? 
  • How could you experience it first hand? 
  • How could you get a real taste of what it’s going to feel like to accomplish that goal?  How could you get ready for the final steps of hitting that target?

How can you get out on the “field” to take it all in and begin to feel like a veteran… even though you might still be a newbie? 

  • Who’s office could you visit? 
  • What building could you explore? 
  • What stage could you walk on to? 
  • Who could you start helping in a small but significant way? 

How about it? 

How could you get on the field now… so that when opportunity knocks… you’re ready? 

Think about it and then “take the field” in your march toward one of your own big dreams!

Keep dreaming BIG and helping others to do the same,



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The Coach Mindset LIVE: 2014

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Mitch Matthews
The Coach Mindset –
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How can I promote my life coaching practice?

Coaches ask me “How can I promote my coaching business without being salesy?”

I often tell them, “Look for the seasons.”

No… that’s not some touchy-feely advice.  That’s hard core public relations strategy.

Think about it. Life Coach Practice

The best brands in the world use holidays (big and small), major events (tax day, block buster movie releases, sporting events) and the seasons themselves (get ready for winter and spring cleaning) to tie in promotions to make them timely and relevant.

Why can’t you do the same?

For example, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Now… you might say… “But I don’t coach people on their love life.  I coach people about their work life.”

To that… I say… “Perfect.  Figure out a way to link the two.”

Here are a few ideas:

Always look for ways to connect your blog posts to trending topics.  This will help your content to be considered more timely and relevant.  And it might just your share-ability to take a quantum leap.
Here are some ideas for a Life Coach to blog with a Valentine’s Day tie in:
  • 7 Days of LOVING YOUR LIFE
  • 5 Reasons to LOVE YOUR LIFE… right now.


Don’t wait to be invited to an event.  Design one.  They don’t have to be huge but they can have a big impact.  For example, a friend and I once designed an exclusive speed-networking event around the New Years.  We hosted it at a newly opened coffee-shop that gave us the space for free as long as we gave them a good shout out during the event (and of course bought coffee during).  The first event filled up in 3 days and the next one filled up in 3 hours.  It cost us nothing but the payoff was priceless.
Here are some ideas for a Life Coach to host a Valentine’s Day event:
  • Do a spin on “Speed Dating” and have a “Speed Networking” event for people who love (or want to love) their work
  • 3 Ways to LOVE YOUR LIFE in 2014 Event


Don’t forget that your local media outlets are ALWAYS looking for good stories.  They just need a way to make them interesting and timely!  For example, I once wrote a piece on how you could encourage your mom’s big dreams on Mothers day.  A paper picked up the article and published it along with a great profile of me as a coach.
Here are some ideas you could write about… with a V Day tie-in:
  • How feeling stuck in life can make you feel stuck in your love life
  • How being in the wrong job can make you feel less lovable
  • Fall in love  again… with your life and your wife!


If you do the work to get some extra publicity around Valentine’s Day… why not promote a special coaching package for the season too?  That will give you an excuse to not only point people to your fresh and fun blog posts, events, news articles and social media… but it will give people another reason to sign up with you right away!
Here are some ideas for a couple of V-Day themed coaching packages:
  • LOVE YOUR LIFE in 2014 Package
  • Group Coaching  – LOVE YOUR WORK IN 2014!


So there are a few of my ideas.  Now join in the conversation.  Click comments and let us know how you might use Valentine’s Day or any other event to promote your coaching.  We’d love to hear your ideas! 

Keep bringing your awesome… the world needs you,