Myth 18

As you know… we’re doing a series on the various myths that exist around getting your life coach certification.

Today… we’re dealing with Life Coach Certification – Myth 18.

Myth 18 - life coach certification

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MYTH 18: Practice makes perfect.

Sure.  We’ve all heard this phrase but when it comes to life coaching and getting your life coach certification…

TRUTH: Practice creates habits.

And sometimes those habits can have a negative effect.


We all need to practice and most programs suggest finding a practice partner (or multiple partners) so that you can begin the process learning how to coach more effectively.

The key here is practicing utilizing life coaching concepts that you believe in.  In some ways, this is obvious… right?


The life coach certification myth that exists around “practicing makes perfect” is more subtle.

But it’s dangerous.

In fact, if you practice this aspect wrong… it can kill your ability to ever grow a thriving coaching practice.

Here’s the scoop…

Most life coach certification programs have you practice with people.  In fact, many programs say that you need to practice with 3, 5, 7 or more life coaching clients before you can charge for your life coaching services.  The hidden problem is… that as you practice without charging clients a fee… you practice giving your coaching away… over and over again.

What does that do?

Well, at a sub-conscious level… that plants a seed that your coaching isn’t worth anything.  Plus, in that process, you never practice verbalizing what your coaching is actually worth.

The result is… many coaches who have practiced with multitudes of clients never feel confident enough to eventually charge for their coaching (because they never practiced that part of the process).

So they wind up going broke… because they practiced the wrong things!

SOLUTION: The “Pay-it-Forward” Contract.

In our program, we give our participants a “Pay-it-Forward” contract to use with their practice partners.

The contract clearly describes their coaching package and assigns a value to their coaching.

Then the contract explains that the coach is going to “give” this coaching package to the recipient as part of their practice… as long as the recipient agrees to “pay-it-forward” to someone else.  In other words, the person has to agree to give a gift of similar value to someone else in the future.

This way, the budding coach isn’t just practicing their coaching… they are practicing assigning a value to their coaching… they are practicing having people sign a contract… they are practicing closing on the “sale” of their coaching… right from the beginning.

So… when they have earned their life coach certification… and it comes time to launch their full coaching practice… they don’t have any trouble charging $1,500, $2,500 or more for their coaching packages.  Because… they’ve been practicing that… all along.

Make sense?

So watch out for Myth 18… because if you practice giving your coaching away… over and over again… it will be almost impossible to charge for your services in the future.  Because… practice made for some bad habits!

And hey… we are all about helping you to not only coach effectively… but also grow a successful and sustainable life coaching practice!  You are going to bless people’s socks off when you coach them, and we believe that you should get compensated handsomely for that!  (If you want to find out more about our programs, click here.)

So practice the right things… because that will make all the difference!

Keep dreaming big and helping others to do the same,

Mitch Matthews

PS – Interested in finding out with the number 1 life coach certification myth is?  Click here to find out!  I think you may be surprised!




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