Life Coach’s Q&A: What if I live in the boonies?

Question and answers - life coach certificationWe recently received the following question via e-mail:

Dear Mitch,

I am in a place here where the economy is less than favorable for human habitation. In doing a quick feasibility assessment of the need for life coaches, In British Columbia, I’m afraid people are not flush enough to pay for the services. The concepts of life coaching are useful to me in my current business (consultant) and I’ve been practicing the skills for a while, not knowing they’ve been formalized in a professional way.

I can see where people would be willing and able to pay for coaching In a big city, but I how would someone build a coaching practice in a place like this?
Cheers!  Thanks for the realistic material and the questions.  I can see you know of which you speak. :)


“Josee in the Boonies”



This is a great question and one that’s near and dear to my heart… especially based on where & how I got started as a coach.  So here was my response to the question.

Josee –

Thanks so much for the email.

I appreciate the kind words.  That means a lot!

Hey, I hear you on living in an area that might not be supportive of coaching.  When I first started my coaching practice I was living out in the “boonies” of Iowa.

As in… I was in “10 miles outside a town of 300 people” small.  As in… “no stop lights within 20 miles” small.  It was “a mile and a half of gravel and my closest neighbor was a pig named ‘Hank'” small.  Ok.  You get it.

But I have to tell you that’s EXACTLY why most of the business training we include in the Coach Mindset – Elite Life Coach Training and Certification is geared towards coaching your clients over the phone and/or over Skype.  That allows coaches to live where ever they want to and coach people from around the world!

In fact, one of our graduates took that to an extreme last summer.  She traveled throughout Europe but kept working with all of her clients in the USA.  She just scheduled all of her calls at times that worked for her amid her travel.  Apparently, some of her coaching clients didn’t even know she was traveling!  It was seamless!

With my story of getting started… even though I lived in rural Iowa, my first coaching clients lived in Boston and San Francisco.  I had connected with them through an old college buddy and a former co-worker via emails.  I set up a complimentary call with each of them once they were referred to me… we hit it off… and they both became clients!  We talked once a week via phone calls and even though my clients were both in BIG cities, I did the calls from my “little house on the prairie.”

And my practice just grew that way.

Now I live in a bigger city but because I grew my business in a way that wasn’t dependent on my location… 90% of my clients don’t live in my area.  AND… like our graduate that I mentioned earlier, I can travel all the time and still take care of my clients.

So it’s important to think about who you might coach in your own geographical area, BUT if you build your coaching practice right… you won’t be dependent on whether you’re in the BIG city… or keeping things simple and hanging out with the likes of my ol’ friend “Hank the pig.”

I hope that helps!

All the best,



  1. I also live in British Columbia, in a small town, and lots of people can afford coaching. I think you should address this poster’s depressed expectations. Seems to me that he is telling himself a story that is not necessarily so. Even so, as you say, there ways around the problem.

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