How much time does it take between a complimentary coaching session and a paid life coaching client?

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Mitch –

What’s the typical time frame between the first free coaching call, the signing of the contract, and the first paid coaching call? How much time do you give people to make a decision, pay and get started? Does this depend on the ally? I’m sure you don’t want too much time to lapse between the free call and the paid one. What do you find is that “sweet spot” between giving them enough time to make a decision, sign the contract, pay, and get started?


– Will


Great question Will.

Yes… the short answer is that it depends on the ally (Coach Client).

Some are ready to start right away and others need more time due to circumstances and finances.

BUT… I’d say… on average… my “normal” is following:

  • First off, I only coach on Mondays and Tuesdays. (That leaves the rest of the week for speaking and training.)  So I generally have a complimentary session on a Monday or Tuesday.
  • If it’s a good fit we talk “next steps”
  • I look at my open slots for Monday or Tuesday and ask which would be a good fit for them (even if they are still “thinking” about getting started).
  • If they let me know their preferred time… then there is a VERY good chance that we will be talking that next week because they don’t want to loose that preferred slot. (Make sense?)
  • Then I generally challenge them to give it some thought (and prayer… if they’re so inclined) and I let them know that I will follow up with them via email 1 to 2 days later. I’ll even ask them what they would prefer in regards to my email follow up… whether they prefer 1 or 2 days.
  • Then I let them know that if they give it the “thumbs up,” then I’ll either send them a bill via paypal.com or I’ll send them a invoice they can pay by check via email (which ever they prefer).
  • I do let them know that they will need to pay in full before our first session.
  • I let them know that paying up front is critical to the process. Not just for me… but more for them. Because I tell them I want them excited and smiling as they process that payment… because as they do that they know it’s ” proof positive” that they are 100% ready to go after that goal/dream (or to figure it out and then go after it!)! So by them paying… they are saying to themselves, “I am ready! I’m in!”
  • Once the payment is made… I send them their first homework assignment and we’re rolling.

Again… sometimes this process takes two weeks or more. But a majority of time… it’s a 7 to 8 day cycle.

I hope that helps buddy!

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