How do I develop life coaching packages?

New Life Coach Questions:

“I’m a new life coach and I’m wondering what I should be thinking about as I put my life coaching packages together.  I feel like I’m putting a restaurant menu together.  Can you give me some tips or some direction?”

Great question.

This is a wildly important subject for a new OR an experienced life coach!

This is something we go in-depth on in our own Coach Mindset – Elite Life Coach Training and Certification.

But let me offer up a few thoughts…

One approach… think “time frame.”

For example, I ALWAYS like to kick off with my own life coaching clients with a 3-month “intensive” where I work with them once a week for 3 months.

I just find that allows me time to dream with them, time to plan with them and time to implement with them. So my initial package is the “Kick Start” (a play off of my own akickinthepants.com brand) and it’s 3 month package.

That package can range from $1970 to $3970 depending on the person, some of the extras and the situation.

Now, it’s 3 months but I only offer 10 sessions within that 3 months.  (Some coaches offer 12 sessions in a 3 month period.  Some coaches offer 8 or less.)

Then, my second package includes the “Kick Start” but it also includes 10 additional sessions they can use over a 12 month period.

So my verbiage is “3 months of intensive coaching to get you started… then a year of coaching to keep you kicking it!”

I have other things that I can add to a package depending on the person.

For example, I now have a $10,000 package that can involve a day with me (they come to me). Or a $15,000 package where I go to them for a day and a half.

Another factor to think about is your AVATAR (your ideal client).

Think about your ideal client… that person that you do your best work with.  Think about what they would want to accomplish by working with a life coach.  Think about their goals.  Think about where their goal’s “finish line” might be.  Then you can start to build coaching packages around that.

English: Athletics tracks finish line

For me, for example, I work with a lot of people who want to get clear on their big dreams, put a plan together to go after them and then start to work on their plan.

Hence the 3 months.

You may have something that is shorter.

For example, we have one graduate of our program who works on time management. So her initial coaching package is one month to give the person a “schedule overhaul.” But then her next coaching program is one year.

So the first package is lower in price and lower risk.

But most people love it because they can get started for a lower price and then “re-up” for the longer more expensive package… if they need it.

Another thing to consider when you’re putting your Life Coach packages together is “Extras.”

Think about some of the things that you could add to your packages to make them even more valuable to your ideal client.


Maybe your client would value having some tangible things from your interactions.  For example… maybe you could offer MP3 recordings of each of your calls.

Or maybe you can send them a conversation map of your interaction. (I do this and we suggest this to all of our Coach Mindset participants.)

sample conversation map

It’s easier than you might think and it can provide tremendous value to your clients!


Some coaches offer a premium version of each of their coaching packages.  In that they offer to do the coaching face to face, as opposed to over the phone.  For that, they charge 25% more.

That can work if you are working with people locally, but this isn’t a great fit for life coaches with clients around the country and/or world.


A newer trend is to offer “Virtual Coaching.”  There are a lot of different ways to do this, but one way is through email.  For example, a coach offers a “Virtual Coaching” package in which they offer a weekly group email that may take the group through a process.  Then they allow their clients to email them with questions and/or follow up.  In some cases, the virtual coaching might involve one or two phone calls, but in many cases the coach never actually speaks to their clients.

This can function as a entry level package for some coaches.

So give it some thought. You can get creative with this.

The last thought is to experiment.

As you’re getting started, put some life coaching packages together and set a price.

Then when you are practicing, say, “Eventually this coaching package will sell for $2000 but as I’m practicing I’m offering it for $970.”

That helps you to practice saying how much it will eventually be worth, but it also gets you paid for practicing.  Plus, it helps you to discover what is really important to your clients!

Hope that helps!

Keep dreaming big and helping others to do the same,

Mitch Matthews

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  1. I was thinking that a life coaching package would be tailor made for the individual client. Sure, the basic structure would have the same elements but how they are presented and when they are presented to a client, I would think, would be very individualistic.

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    • Mitch says:

      Glynis – They sure can be individualized and every one of my proposals is. However, having the core elements of your coaching packages figured out in advance saves time, helps you to be confident because you are clear on what you do and what you don’t do and helps you to get a proposal turned around quickly.

      So for example, each of my proposals starts our with a brief letter to the person encouraging them for taking this step, touching on some of the main things I heard in our initial discussion and pinpointing some of the things we would be working on. Then I provide two to three packages for them. Then I wrap up with brief call to action.

      So yes, there are parts of the proposal that I highly recommend customizing, but I also really recommend thinking through your packages in advance so don’t have to start from scratch every time! Hope that helps!

      All the best, Mitch

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