Do your offers attract coaching clients?

As life coaches… marketing gurus will often tell us that we need a free offer in order to entice people to connect with us.

Maybe it’s an e-book via your website. Maybe it’s a mp3 of an interview.  Or maybe it’s a complimentary coaching session with you.

This is a good idea.

It’s sound wisdom to have something to offer people to make it worth their while to connect with you as a potential life coach.  It’s something that starts the conversation.  It’s something that helps to build trust… and potentially… a relationship.

I couldn't help myself. I had to take a pic!

But here’s a wildly important question…

Is your offer enticing?

Let me paint a picture that will help to illustrate the importance of this question.

Recently, I took my family to an amazing zoo.  The animal displays were incredible and our boys were captivated at every turn.  But… about mid-day we headed to one of the zoo’s restaurants.

As we entered, we were directed to grab trays, stand in line as we moved through a process of walking by menus and various items protected by glass.

But then we saw “it.”

We were first alerted to “it,” because the line seemed to jog wide to avoid something.  As we came closer… we saw why.

There on display… was the day’s Special.”

It was chili in a bread bowl for $6.95.

Now it was a cold day.  So we were all wind blown.  In fact, our cheeks were still rosey from the winter weather.  So… you would think that chili would be enticing.  But as we got closer, we started to see why people were steering clear.  More importantly… we started to understand why we weren’t hearing anyone order the “special.”


Well, as we rounded the corner… we saw the “offer” actually displayed.  Yup.  There it sat.

A cold bowl of chili.  Sweaty… coagulated cheese on the top.  Weary French fries on the side.  And a paper Coca-cola cup with a napkin tucked inside.

Even though I was cold and hungry… this “featured item” almost made me loose my appetite.  Plus, it seemed to be having the same effect on everyone in line.  In fact, one of our boys even went as far as to say, “Yow… now that’s nasty!  I don’t even think the hyenas would eat that!”

Can you see what happened?

The restaurant featured something in an effort to entice customers to buy their product… but it wound up having the opposite effect.

Now… some might be wondering what 7 dollar nasty chili has to do with life coaching… but I’m betting that you are tracking with me. Right?

You know that life coaches fall prey to the same mistake this zoo restaurant did.

They “offer” something in an effort to attract coaching clients… but it winds up pushing them away instead!

How can this happen with life coaches?

Maybe the coach offers a complimentary coaching call… but they wind up “selling” their potential coaching client the entire time.  As a result, the potential client feels “slimed” instead of helped.  Or maybe the coach offers a free e-book, but they wind up talking about their own story too much and the e-book feels more like a brochure than a book.  So the potential client walks away frustrated instead of wanting to connect more!

Don’t do it!

For a life coach… these things are the equivalent of a offering a nasty bowl of chili and a paper cup with a napkin!

So here’s the simple rule to help you to create offers that don’t suck!


That’s right.

95/5 is all you have to remember to make your offers enticing!

Basically… the math is… you focus on bringing tremendous value with 95% of your offer… and you can include 5% that will tell a little about what you do, how you do it and who you do it for.

So… if you are offering a complimentary coaching session:

  • Make sure that 95% of the call is actually bringing value instead of feeling like a sales pitch.  Sure… 5% of the conversation can be about potential next steps and ways to work together… but that will flow naturally if you’ve been focused on bringing value for 95% of the call!
  • Make sure you are really allowing your potential ally (our word for client) the opportunity fully benefit from you at your best.  Don’t hold back because they haven’t paid for any of your coaching services yet.  Bring them YOU at your best! If you do… they will want to know more.  Heck, they may even beg you to tell them about your coaching packages!

If you are offering an e-book:

Again… check yourself with the 95/5 rule.

  • Are you truly bringing your potential ally something they really need?  Maybe you’re going to focus on a particular area of interest… or maybe you’re going to offer a specific solution that has helped your life coaching clients in the past.  That’s great!  But make sure your stories and strategies are pointing to real solutions… and not just glorifying you!
  • Sure, you can include some info about your coaching services in the back… but stick to that 95/5 rule!

Or if you are offering an interview or a podcast:

Let the 95/5 be your guide.

  • If it’s an interview… make sure the message is something that really connects with and helps your AVATAR (your ideal client).
  • If it’s a presentation… make sure the focus of the talk is on bringing true value!
  • Then… if it’s appropriate you can include a little information about you and your coaching at the end.  And/or you can include a story or two of how your coaching clients have faced a challenge and over come them… especially if the stories put your clients in a good light and honor them in the process!

So take a lesson from a $7 bowl of chili.

Focus on the 95/5 rule… to make sure your offers are enticing instead of repulsive!

Keep dreaming big and helping others to do the same,

Mitch Matthews

PS – Speaking of offers…

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Of… if you’ve already decided you want to become a life coach… but you’re not sure where or how to get started with your training or with getting certified as a life coach… check out of FREE video series that will help you to do just that!


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  1. Great post! It’s so easy for people in the coaching industry to simply want to sell their services. That breaks one of the big rules of marketing: promote benefits and not features (it’s easier to talk about yourself than to promote the benefits of your service). It also breaks one of the big rules of coaching: listen before speaking!

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  2. It is great to see someone practice what they preach (so to speak). I have been retired for about 4 years, want to get back to work helping people and contribute more than I have been over the past few years.

    I would like to become more effective and need to become more efficient. I learn from my mistakes, so I have learned a lot over the years. I would rather get it right the first time (or maybe the second) and not waste as much time as I have in the past.

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