Overcoming the Intellectual Immune System

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Mitch Matthews speaking at TEDx

Recently… I had the honor of speaking at the TEDx event in Iowa City, Iowa.

If you’re not familiar with TED… you need to be. Basically, TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conferences are designed for the express purpose of sharing of big ideas.

So yeah, I was wildly excited and honored to be a part of this.

What did I speak on?

Well… I had 9 minutes to talk about a phenomenon that I’ve seen occur over the years I’ve spent training… speaking and coaching. It’s something that gets in the way of implementing BIG ideas and goals.

More accurately… it’s also something I’ve experienced personally… when I’ve been on the receiving end of great ideas that I wanted to implement… but didn’t.

The phenomenon is what I call the “Intellectual Immune System.”

Fancy phrase. Simple concept.

Here it is… I believe that our intellect has a immune system… much like our body’s immune system. Now, it doesn’t work the same way… bio-medically, but it does work the same way metaphorically.

The short version of the story is that our body’s immune system is designed to attack things that come from outside it. That’s good when we’re talking about flu bugs and viruses. That’s bad when we’re talking about a much-needed valve or organ transplant. Right?

Well… I believe our intellect has a similar system that rejects ideas that come from outside of us. That’s good when we are teens and one of our friends comes up with one of those crazy ideas… but it’s bad when our intellectual immune system rejects concepts… strategies… or solutions that we actually need.

Don’t just take my word on this. Test this concept with me.

Have you… in the last few years… read a book on 5 principles or 3 strategies… and you thought…

“WOW! This is exactly what I needed! I’m so doing this!”

Or maybe you attended a program and you wondered if the speaker had a video camera in your office at work because they seemed to know your world so well. Then… when they rolled out their suggestions or solutions… you said to yourself…

“This is the answer I’ve been looking for! I’m so doing this!”

But then… whether it was 2 days or 2 weeks later… you couldn’t remember what the 2nd, 3rd and 4th principles were… OR… you couldn’t remember exactly what that speaker had suggested after all.

Sound familiar?

Have you experienced this?

I bet you have. I sure know I have.

And I can tell you that your current and/or future life coaching clients have too!

Well… that was your Intellectual Immune System kicking in. Rejecting those ideas because they came from outside you.

BUT… the good news is… there is a solution.Intellectual Immune System as told by Mitch Matthews

And the solution… ownership.

That’s right!


See… when you “own” something… it comes from you.  As a result… your Intellectual Immune System doesn’t kick in because the answers are coming from you… instead of outside you.

So how do you get to OWNERSHIP?

More importantly… how do you help your life coaching clients get to OWNERSHIP?

Well… you ask them questions to help promote ownership.

For example… you can ask questions like…

  • How can I own this concept?
  • How can I adapt this solution to better fit me?
  • How could I experiment with this strategy over the next 2 weeks to make it work in my world?

These types of questions promote that sense of ownership.  They help your coaching allies (our word for clients) to give themselves permission to get started… and implement their big ideas… or modify someone else’s idea to fit their word.

And… that’s what helps to get big ideas… done.

In our training… we go in depth on how to overcome the Intellectual Immune System for yourself… and your coaching allies (our word for clients).  Plus, we’ll be sharing more on this idea in the weeks to come.  So stay tuned.

By the way, what question might you use to overcome your own Intellectual Immune System… or help your allies to do the same?  Click comments and let us know!

Oh and keep dreaming BIG and helping others to do the same,


IGNITE - a little book to spark your big dreams by Mitch Matthews

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PS – I talk about the Intellectual Immune System a little in my book… IGNITE. So… you can always check out there too.


5 questions about the life coach training.

Sometimes we get some great questions from people who are interesting in our program… The Coach Mindset – Elite Life Coach Training and Certification.

Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q - FAQs on K...

Image by photosteve101 via Flickr

And I figure if someone is having these questions… then you might be having them too.

So from time to time, I like to share these interactions and my responses.

Here’s a recent example…

I have gone through the 5 Critical Questions Mini-Course. I also looked at your video and down loaded the Power of 3.  This is good info.

I like what I’m seeing and I am feeling really comfortable about your program.  

But, I still have a few questions before I sign up, so here we go:

Question 1: How long did you actually do Life Coaching before you started training other coaches?

My response: I coached for 6 years before I started to offer The Coach Mindset in 2008.  (But I also had also been developing training for almost 20 years.)

Question 2: How many clients do you currently have (not coaches, but clients needing life coach help)?

My response: This is good question because I really believe that people who are teaching others to coach… need to still be coaching.  I believe by keeping an active client base… a coach’s coach can keep their skills sharp and stay in touch with an ever-evolving market. 

My personal coaching load varies but currently I have 3 individual allies (our word for client) and 6 in a group coaching arrangement.  This is my average.  In many ways, it’s my sweet spot.  But I’ll say that there are some months when I cut back due to speaking and training, and then there are other months where I amp up my coaching because my schedule allows it. 

Question 3: How many clients should a new life coach maintain at one time (on average) to be effective?

My response: That is a good question but it is totally dependent on that coach.  We have some coach graduates who coach on the side and find one ally to be enough.  But we have others who coach full time and manage 10+ allies… depending their schedule.

So you’ll need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much does my schedule allow?

  • How many allies would I like to have?

  • What kind of income would I like to create?

  • How hard am I willing to work?

Question 4: Do you recommend doing package rates vs. hourly rates? 

My response: “Package.”

Click here to see a post where I went in-depth on this subject.

I think it will help.

Question 5: Does your program give me all the documents, papers, charts, teaching tools to help me even if my confidence/skill set isn’t there yet. Meaning ( weekly steps, charts, required reading, the things that may really say I have got my game together)?

My response: Amen. That’s how we designed The Coach Mindset. 

You’ll have a participant guide for every module that will walk you through exactly what you need to be doing and what you are to be learning.  Plus, when we get to the second life coaching business module… we’ll have actual coaching tools you can use with your clients.  For example, in our “8 Months in 8 Days” segment, we give you the tools that take most coaches at least 8 months to create! You’ll have templates for things like brochures, contracts and proposals and systems for keeping all of these things in order. 

So… yes.  We’ve got those things for you. Glad you asked!

I hope this interaction helps you to find out more about our program… and helps to answer some of those question that you might have.

If you are still sorting through whether becoming a life coach is a good fit for you… we would love for you to check out THE FIVE CRITICAL QUESTIONS.  This process is designed to help you dig into the critical questions you need to be asking yourself as you make this important decision.  If you’d like this free resource… you can simply click here.

Keep dreaming big and helping others to do the same,

Mitch Matthews


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How do you find the time?

Time is Running Out

Image by zamboni.andrea via Flickr

We have some AMAZING people in our ONLINE ELITE LIFE COACH TRAINING right now.

I mean… we’ve been wildly blessed over the years to have some ALL STAR people go through both our live program and our online program… but I’m just loving the participants in our current learning pods.

They are ripping it up!

Now… the thing that continues to blow me away is that these people are all successful busy people from other walks of life.  But they feel compelled to train to be a life coach.

So they are finding the time… amid jobs… families… and life responsibilities… to get this training done!  And I love it!

These guys inspire me!  Their commitment to life coaching and their dedication to the very training that is going to enable them to positively impact the people they feel called to help just jazzes me up!

How about you? Are you busy… but are you feeling the tug to do something like life coach training?

Do you need some strategies to make some time… so you can make some room for something like this?

making time for life coach training so you can become a life coach

Click here to check out the strategy!

Click here to check out this post.  In it… I walk you through a simple strategy for cleaning some things out of your schedule… just like you clean stuff out of “THAT” closet!  I think it will help!

And I’m hoping that it will free you up to do more of the things that YOU are feeling called to do!

Keep dreaming BIG and helping others to do the same,

Mitch Matthews

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