Who's behind The Coach Mindset?

Program Creator: Mitch Matthews

Mitch Matthews is uniquely qualified to develop and facilitate this elite business coach certification.

Mitch has been certified as a business coach for over 8 years and has personally coached hundreds of individuals.

He's worked with his "coaching allies" on finding their "sweet spot" in business and in life. He's also helped them to uncover and unleash countless dreams!

Coaching isn't a job for Mitch, it's a passion. And he loves training other people that feel the same way!

Due to his innovative approach to coaching, he was asked to sit on the Franklin Covey Companies Innovation Advisory Board for Coaching.

He has also been developing and facilitating training for over 18 years. He has created and facilitated training for larger organizations like Johnson & Johnson, NASA, Merck, Ortho McNeil and Principal Financial but he also loves to work with mid-sized, smaller and start-up companies.

Mitch brings his valuable understanding of business coaching, leadership and training, along with his dynamic facilitation approach to deliver this important and life-changing program.

Mitch has a love for asking questions. This love has helped him to thrive as a coach but it has also led him to develop a question-based game series called "Q." The games have been sold throughout the world. To find out more... you can check out doyouQ.com.

He's also used questions and creativity to launch BIGDreamGathering.com. This site and these special events have helped 1000's of people to reawaken... reignite... and launch their dreams.

He also spends time speaking to organizations around the country.

With everything that he has going on... Mitch admits that he is a recovering perfectionist, a recovering workaholic and he's in recovery from an urgency addiction. It's something he has to work on daily! (Can you identify?)

Lastly, Mitch's favorite and most important adventure is with his family. Mitch and his wife Melissa have two boys that they are very proud of!

Why I do what I do.


Program Strategist: David Nadler

David Nadler is an entrepreneur and a coach.  In fact, he's the entrepreneur's coach. 
As an entrepreneur he has run his own sign design and fabrication company where he worked with city managers, small business owners and corporate accounts.  In media, he has run a top 100-market radio station working with a board of directors and a specialized staff.  And now, he is the owner of two cognitive skills training centers where new science is making cutting edge movement in brain training.
In 2008, he went through The Coach Mindset Coach Certification and within weeks of completion launched his own successful coaching practice where he started to coach entrepreneurs to attain new levels of efficiency, productivity and fulfillment within their business goals and their core desires.
David is tech savvy and his strategies are practical, comprehensive, and no-nonsense applications for business and personal success. He fiercely believes that businesses should work FOR you, and he is dedicated to excellence and effectiveness in the workplace.
He has managed staffs from 8 to 21 in number and has a unique approach to motivating his own people. This experience has allowed him to bridge the territory between entrepreneur, manager, and technician. Plus, he understands the multiple generations of thought existing in the workplace, and this can be a real asset for team building, productivity, and efficiency.
In 2009, David and Mitch started to work together to take The Coach Mindset to new levels. 
David and Mitch's skills are different but complementary and this has allowed for the certification to evolve, expand and improve by reaching new audiences and by involving new technologies.
On a personal level, David married his high school crush and has been married for over 11 years.  He and his wife have 4 young boys and truly enjoy their Midwest life together.